360 Progression

Play with Purpose

To Play With Purpose means you make smart decisions, improve in your physical development, discover your life's purpose, and put others needs before your own.

It's more than just the game. It's every practice, every drill, every pivot, every pass and shot. Become more than just an athlete.

The driving purpose behind Upward Sports is a desire to help young athletes PLAY WITH PURPOSE.

The 360 Progression is the development of the total athlete mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially, applied intentionally through all Upward Sports programming.

Experienced coaches guide players through three stages of athletic growth: game discovery, skill development, and peak performance - while using the teachings of Christ to foster positive sportsmanship and character.


Upward Sports recreational athletes discover love for the game, and with a healthy competitive spirit, develop the skills they need to succeed in everything they do.


Upward Stars performance athletes are performing at the highest level of competition, rising to the occasion and exceeding game and character expectations.




    Make wise decisions

    Improve physical abilities

    Embrace life’s purpose


K - 6th Grade

  • Learn Right from Wrong

    Discover rules, objectives, and a love for the game
  • Get in the Game

    Introduce skills to play the game
  • Discover Your Life's Purpose

    Understand Christ's plan and your part in it


2nd - 8th Grade

  • Play Smart

    Make strategic game decisions and learn from outcomes
  • Take it to the Next Level

    Push skills up a notch, discovering strengths and weaknesses
  • Seek Your Calling

    Start where you are today and grow with experience


4th - 12th Grade

  • Choose the Path to Victory

    Play intentionally, act wisely, and master your game
  • Play Hard and Don't Turn Back

    Play to your strengths, compete fiercely, and own the game
  • Live Out God's Plan with Conviction

    Serve others and model character