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Upward Sports coaches lay the groundwork for ALL aspects of an athlete’s development mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially. Our coaches are deeply passionate about sports and provide real-world, real-life instruction and mentorship to the athletes on their teams.

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As facilitators of the 360 Progression, Upward Sports coaches are intentional about pursuing Christ in their own lives and demonstrating the intersection of Christ and sports to their athletes – regardless of age or skill level.

Our Recreation Division coaches will introduce players to concepts relating to both competition and character, and begin to develop skill sets and attitudes.

Performance Division coaches will build upon those foundations, equipping athletes to succeed at older, more intense stages of life and athletic development.

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We love hearing from you about the impact, both on you and on others, that you’ve experienced as a coach in an Upward Sports program. Share your coaching story with us, and check out Beverly Chumley's story on how God called her into ministry through coaching. 

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If you want to get involved and play a part in developing young athletes mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially, let us know.