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Upward Sports is so blessed by the service of volunteers, who help ensure that our programs run smoothly and soundly. Referees, scorekeepers, concession stand workers – there are so many different volunteer opportunities available across all of our program offerings.

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We are inspired and encouraged everyday by the efforts of our volunteers. Know that you are making an incredible positive impact on not just our organization, but on the players and coaches that you are serving.

Volunteering aids all aspects of the 360 Progression. Whether you are serving as a referee (mentally, athletically), leading a halftime devotion at your league (spiritually), or cultivating a positive environment in any role (socially), you are serving as valuable role models and helping players develop into TOTAL athletes.

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We love hearing from you about how God has used your ministry at an Upward Sports program to bless others, whether you serve as a league director, a referee, or any other type of volunteer. Feel free to share your Upward Sports story with us, and check out Greg Schell’s story on how he was moved by a special moment at his Upward Basketball league.

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Let us know if you want to get involved and impact young athletes mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially.